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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


December 2, 2009

Ecological Day

In this image, a residential part of Turin at the foot of the hills. On the top over there, at a height of 660m, stands the Basilica di Superga (1731), designed by the architect Filippo Juvarra.

Ecological Day, which takes place the second day of every month, is a creation of Sonia at LEAVES OF GRASS

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what a lovely view. I wouldn't mind waking up each day & seeing this outside my window!

un saluto , bella la vista di Superga

Hello friend! I saw the link to your site from the other site, I never expected it was this beautiful! Your site's look-and-feel stands out! Really nice!! Keep it up!! I hope we can exchange links...

sonia a. mascaro
Pietro, I love this view of Turin at the foot of the hills! What a gorgeous city, with much green all around.
Thanks for your participation on Ecological Day, I appreciate it so much.
I just add your link on the post.

Have a happy Ecological Day!

you should visit the philippines and see the ifugao rice terraces. what i like in your country are those lovely structures.

That's a great view. And full of green too.

Fantástico as suas fotos. A de Turim e o seu aspecto panorâmico mostrando os Alpes, é fantástico. As outra também estão excelentes.
O meu amigo Ferreira Pinto conseguiu convencer-me nestas coisas de fotos. Para já estou a iniciar. Vamos ver se serei capaz de transpor para o meu blogue algumas fotos. As que estão publicadas são poucas, algumas da minha autoria.

Wonderful photos. Well if I had a translator to make it easier who has little command of English, like me.
Beautiful image to be preserved and beautiful participation in Ecological Day.

Sempre spettacolari le tue foyo Pietro... ho cliccato su Leaves of grass... che stupenda la prima foto aerea di quel posto con pochissime case immerse nel verde... li si che si può fare la giornata ecologica veramente ,non qui nelle città dove per giornata ecologica interdicono la circolazione solo alle vetture da euro 3 in giù, tutte le altre possono circolare... quindi alla fine mi chiedo sempre ma che giornata ecologica è???

Un abbraccio e buona serata Pietro!

I love all the teracotta roofs nestling in the mountains :)

Is the Basilica a baroque architecture? At the top of the hill Church stands as magnificent as it can be. How is the traffic there Pietro? There is car operation for example?

A special request. When you can please take a few closer shots? I'd appreciate very much.

Have a very superb evening~

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You must up high to get this lovely view.

Yap, I'm back. How have you been?

So beautiful.
The basilica must be very big.

The Blonde Duck
I like the little basilica peeking out.

Sono passato per ammirare la tua bellissima immagine...
Buona serata Pietro :-)

Luma Rosa
Foto molto bella e grande intenzione iniziare giorno!

This is a lovely sight.


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Ciao Pietro, buona giornata. Sai, la prima volta che l'ho vista ne sono rimasta fulminata, al punto che la mia prima "vera" casa al 7° piano m'incantò per la vista sulla Basilica, qui si vede un pò meno sono al 1° piano, ma si vede e mi piace:-)

I love the power of a photo it can take your mind to so many places.

This view is magnificent..

Dorothy from grammology

Leandro Souza
wow, how many beautifull images!!! strong photos and paintings, congratulations!

The Blonde Duck
I hope you have a good day!

Your many and various views amaze me. Gorgeous.

marvelous capture!

Very nice view of residential area of Turin with the backdrop of mountains.

Kumbalgarh, the Unconquered Fort

I can only imagine what it must have been like to get the material way up there to build the Basilica in 1731.

Hi Pietro! It's a shame that I've never been to Torino!! Lovely shot!!

There is a weird bridge waiting for you at Blogtrotter. Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

Buon weekend Pietro!

oh nice view

A smile from SJ =)

Hi Pietro!
I like the red rooves in the city of Europe.
Japanese most rooves are black.

Wonderful view and a crystal clear photo!

ciao Pietro, buona escursione per domani. se il tempo è favorevole vado in montagna giovedi a scattare qualche foto,
buona domenica!

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Pietro: You certainly have some beautiful views in your part of Italy my friend.

The word for this is "picturesque".