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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


September 2, 2009

Red Berries

"The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels"
Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882 – 1927)

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Ah, you bring a touch of cool-ness into our still-hot summer.

Wonderful red against the snow:)

red and wihte is so cold feel!

Summer is over! Here the first leaves are failling and the scent of autumn is faintly beginning to start into the air.

I like the berries but without snow !! I hate winter and snow when everything is dull, white and grey !

I like this cool, fresh view of the world, too. Beautiful color. Thanks, Pietro. And thanks for your visits to my blog.

Hi Pietro!
Can I try some?
they looks a little bit sour and a little bit sweet!
I wanna use them to make cake:)

The Blonde Duck
I love the berries!

Hi again, Pietro. I like the second photo, snow on berries. This reminds me that sooner or later it will snow here again. It is really about time that we move to Florida. :)

A quote from one of my (many) favorites!

I absolutely adore stopping by your place.

Blessings to you...

Buongiorno Pietro, queste foto così belle mi han fatto venire i brividi...evocano l'inverno e fanno pensare già a Natale:-)
Un cordiale saluto.

ciao Pietro, ho lo stesso cespulio nel giardino, e d'inverno è bello con le bacche rosse.

Immagini molto suggestive e riportano subito la mente al Natale.

Un abbraccio Pietro e buona giornata!

bright beautiful and tasty am sure!

Such beautiful contrast with the whites and reds and greens. Oh HOW MUCH I LOOK FORWARD to winter. I am not a summertime girl. I do not like the heat. Your photos are beautiful!

Smashing photos and a most interesting quote.

The Blonde Duck
I'm sure Roberto would be a darling Coconut Queen.

These are lovely!
I love snow and the red berries and green leaves remind me Christmas will soon be here - never too early to plan. :)
these beautiful photos remind me of Christmas. You always capture exquisite beauty in nature Pietro!.

What beautiful photos, Pietro! Those red berries, I would say those are rose hips, look so lovely in the first photo against that white snow. And the second photo also look fantastic with the whole green bush loaded with red berries and patched with snow.

Hai ragione Pietro almeno guardando si ha la sensazione di un pò di fresco che qui continua a mancare...

Un saluto e buon fine settimana!

Wow. How lovely. Red and white. I'm thinking of Christmas too!
Excellent. Thanks for sharing.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Neat photos of a time to come with all the snow. Where you in the mountains or was this last year?

sonia a. mascaro
Lovely pictures, Pietro!
The red berries and the white of the snow are breathtaking!

Thanks for your nice greetings on the Birthday of my daughter!

Have a nice weekend!

They are definitely jewels. Your quote fits perfectly. The second picture,with green as well, is a feast for my eyes.

Spectacular snaps. Red and white very nice combination of colors.

Bellissimi colori...vivi e freschi, complimenti Pietro, buon fine settimana :-)

buon fine settimana Pietro.


Uve got red berries while I have strawberry in my new post. LOL!

Buon fine settimana, per la rissa aspetta ancora un pò, dovremmo fare la polentata il 4/10:-) Eppure ce la metto tutta per non litigare:-(
Un cordiale saluto

Hi Pietro. Snow! I had forgotten what it looks like.

beautiful! what berries are they?

thanks for your comment. You're right about the commandment =) we're going through weekly to understand it more. God said to love your neighbour as next couple of weeks we are going to understand how/what is loving yourself all about. i will probably blog about it once we have discussed :)

the berries are gorgeous..i can't take my eyes off them. the colour contrast is amazing!

hi, indeed beautiful words are more appreciated than anything else..

Unseen India Tours
Beautiful and lovely shots !! Great post..Unseen Rajasthan

I love the color of the red berries, green leaves against the beautiful white snow.


Buongiorno Pietro, finalmente qui a Napoli è arrivato un venticello fresco ed ha portato via quell'afa opprimente che stazionava da settimana, e con questo venticello
inizia questa nuova settimana che si spera sia di serenità per tutti.

Un abbraccio e buona giornata!!!

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens
The rosehips look pretty against the snow. Red berries and snow looks already a bit like Christmas but it is still early. Many people celebrate here a Christmas in summer; with a Christmas dinner. I am amazed what people can come up with to have a party!

What a balanced treat of red vs white! Don't you think Pietro that opposites drawing as always:)
For sure, words are precious and lasting than jewels. And they are free of charge and quickest way to win the hearts as long as one wishes.

*Lets wish to say good words to use in our lives, no any critics*

Beautiful images!

How high did you have to go to find snow in the mountains? Non mi dire che fa freddo a Torino? E' possibile che ci passo questa settimana.

i love the redness of the berries! but are they edible?

The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.