Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


May 26, 2009

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The above and the below, so different.
Thanks for your Picasso quotation. I think I get the meaning from the Italian.
It makes me look at your "Universal Peace" again and more closely.

Ciao Pietro mi piacerebbe assistere ad una tua mostra..
ti auguro un ottimo martedì...
ps. nella vita è tutta una questione di prospettive, di punti di vista, angolature...

Still pleasing to see the natural and unnatural :)

I find it amusing that the modern industrial complex seems to imitate the silhoutte of the castle ruins on top of the hill in the background.

Who knows, a couple hundred years from now, people may just as well come to see the industrial archeological remains there!

I am listening to Arthur Rubinstein who I discovered on your sidebar. Thank you, what a pleasure, his fingers move just ever so lightly, simply divine.

Do you by any chance know the venue where this performance took place? It looks familiar, it could be the Musikverein in Vienna.

What a contrast between what has been there in nature since ages and modernization.

Forti contrasti...chiaramente preferisco il monastero sulla cima che questo mostro di acciaio giù nella valle che deturpa il paesaggio.

Un saluto Pietro e buona serata.

The power plant (?) sure is a shiny sort of castle. What a great mountain. What is up there?

What a pleasing sight.


sonia a. mascaro
Great photo, Pietro! Wonderful green mountain and blue sky! I would like to know what is in the summit. And what is this structure?
Have a nice week too!

wow! amazing mountainscape! what i like about it is that it's still filled with trees and the castle!

sonia a. mascaro
Thanks Pietro for your answer. I think that the Monastery Sacra di San Michele is very beautiful and the view from there is wonderful too!
Have a nice day!

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Pietro: That is a wonderful view of the castle up on the mountain.

Quando il cielo è limpido questi monti riesco a vederli anche da Torino :-).
Ottima immagine Pietro, ne approfitto per augurarti una buona serata.

Such a grand view! Nicely taken, Pietro.

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Ciao e buona giornata, ho visto le tue opere, sono colpita, in particolar modo, dalla Donna che prega ed i 4 gemelli...grazie.
I can imagine the gorgeous view from the structure up top the mountain. Nice blue skies.
The industrial complex doesn't look so bad surrounded by such beauty.
Your skywatch is beautiful too Pietro.

The message I got via this photo is that no industry passes beyond the nature. Look at gorgeous mountains, an art gallery yet so out-of-reach in most points.

Hai fatto crociera sul Bosforo, Pietro? Se non, visitami quando puoi. Certo, per partenza in battello privato:)

Spero che passi un Buon Fine Settimana.

Hi Pietro! Wonderful shot! And beautiful place, even if the factory doesn't seem quite well over there...

Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, now showing Kaunas. Never heard about it? ;) Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Un saluto Pietro per questo fine settimana che mi auguro possa essere anche per te bello lungo rilassante divertente ed emozionante!!!

Les créations de Dieu et celle des hommes.
On ne peut systématiquement condamner ces constructions industrielles, parce que nous en avons besoin.
Ce qui est regrétable est de l'avoir installé dans ce cadre idyllique.... Et d'être encore si visible.
Bon week-end de Pentecôte, Pietro

great shot and perspective!

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Great And Great And Great Captured !! I Loved Your Blog..

Ooh, I love the sliver of train at the bottom! :)

No wait, it's not a train :P But I don't know what it is, hahahaha. I just like it!