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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


December 18, 2008

Sky Watch 19/12/2008

Bardonecchia (1312m), bell tower of the Parish Church

Sky Watch

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Sylvia K
Oh, what an exquisite shot! The sky is such a beautiful backdrop! Thank you, Pietro!

grazie! :-)

How lovely. Funny to see the snowflakes of your blog falling on the church. :)

I want to hike up that trail.

George Townboy
Awesome photo!

Photo Cache
the tower seems as if it pops out of the screen. nice photo.

The clouds behind the mountain are beautiful, the contrast of nature is clearly seen on your photo!!!

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What a wonderful picture - so many shades of green. Fantastic blue sky!

Rune A Karlsen (Bildebloggen)
A lovely photo!

bella foto ciao pierangela

OOOoo... this is magnificent, Pietro! The composition is splendid.
Very nice photo!
Mountain Retreat- Canada

That I would like to see for real. So picturesque. Allthough I doubt it can be as beautiful in reality as it is portraited here in this blog. Makes me wanna go AAAAH! Had a look at earlier images and they are all simply gorgeous. Of course having an excellent climate and living in such a wonderful part of the world makes it that much easier but still...amazing!
Happy Christmas and New Year!

Jane Hards Photography
It's avey stking image, beauifully composed for such a dramatic effect.

Suz Broughton
I love the colors, the subtle yellow is so delicate against the blue sky. Lovely picture.

wat a gorgeous shot.. picturesque,, truly.. :-)

Beautiful mountain scenery and great light on the bell tower.

Wonderful idyllic picture!

Oh so very lovely!!! Happy SWF. :)

That is a lovely, lovely shot. An idyll!

Pietro, such a nostalgic shot. You can print this as a postcard!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Enjoy your weekend!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful view of the special tower into the sky. You captured it with a wonderful backdrop.

Hi Pietro!
It's really beautiful!!
you country's sky is always beautiful blue!
Do you go to this church often?

The Good Life in Virginia the shot and all that it encompasses.
have a wonderful holiday.

What a beautiful shot! There's so much to see. The trail is tempting. :)

What a magnificent shot! It is so lovely.

Very beautiful picture !

What a lovely sky watch photo and what a lovely sunny day at ten past eleven!:-)) Wonderful composition on this photo!

I love that uncommon tower bell. We're not very used to it, here in France, except precisely on the other side of the border, in the Savoie area, I guess.

Beautiful! I can imagine the crisp fresh air. It looks so clean, with the forest around. I wish there was forest here :'(

wow! im gonna love that place. trekking everyday shall be my activity.

Art and Poetry
Lovely photo and beautiful Church!
Pietro, this is a very beautiful skywatch! I love the snow flurries.

Very pretty! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Calendar material. This is spectacular. I love everything about it.

I love love the tower. It's a perfect subject