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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


August 28, 2008

Sky Watch 29/8/2008

Watching the bright sky from Melezet (Piedmont, 1367m)

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Beautiful! I love the mountain in the background and the COLORS!

The flags look so proud and beautiful against the sky!

I am impressed with your other photos in previous posts too.

You have som many different planes in your image, Pietro. Lovely to see the varying shades of green, too.

veru nice photo. I love the swf that have flags in them

Ivar Østtun
Is it a castle on the mountainridge in the background? Can you go up there and shot some pictures also. Like too see it :-)
Beautiful shot SWF

Beautiful! the flags make it more interesting!Drop by if you got a chance, HERE.

Pretty Life Online
Perfect green... Great shot for Skywatch! Mine's up too hope you can drop by.... Happy weekend!

Photo Cache
Fantastic colors. Love the composition.

Great capture, love the flags.

Berit T
Great photo, and nice place!

Beautiful! Very nice!
Happy SWF!

Those mountains are amazing in the background... they stand so proud and majestic ... very beautiful backdrop for the flags so proudly waving in the breeze!
Mountain Retreat

dynamite views, pietro!

Très verdoyant ! Et la photo est si bien prise qu'on a le sentiment de voir bouger les drapeaux.

The EU flag, plus austria, italy and france... (correct me if Im wrong) Happy skywatching!

Hi! Pietro!
It's really nice!
In Tokyo it's raining for seven days. So I wanna see the blue sky!

beautiful!great sky

Beautiful golf course in the mountains! Love the sky and trees surrounding the course! Great shot!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: What a beautiful capture of the land and sky from that altitude.

the mountains in the background are stunning!

Ph such a beautiful mountain shot! The flags look so gay and proud.

What a well arranged photo, the flags, the meadows, the mountains and the sky. Absulutely great.

Hello Pietro, thanks for comging over to my blog! You are right, it was very cold on top of the mountain, we were in 2000 m altitude and we needed gloves! I guess 5 to 8°C and a rought wind.
500 m below there was sun summer :)
But Im sure you know all this because you have lovely mountains on you Turin blog, too!
Oh my gosh, what a beautiful scene you have captured! I like the flags in the sky.

A bright sky; a brilliant photo!


Louis la Vache
This photo has a summer vacation feel about it that is most appropriate here at the end of summer! "Louis" can almost smell the freshly-cut grass!

It is beautiful landscape and the whole composition on this photo with the flags waving in the breeze!

Very beautiful!

Lovely setting and great photo.

Pietro, your name alone is a good reason to visit your blog but your photographs are wonderful as well. I think you live in a scenic wonderland.

What a lovely shot. What are the flags about and where exactly did you take the photo from?

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your kind comments. Happy weekend!

Your Love Coach
A Pinay In England
I, Woman

Hi Pietro! First of all many thanks for your comment on my post of 08.08.08 at 08h08 at Blogtrotter, now in Kos, Greece! It was great to read you there. Second, sorry for the long delay to come here, but August was a terribly busy month, as everybody else seems to be in vacation…
Anyhow, I found sometime now to land here and enjoy your blog. The sky is gorgeous, but the Torino town hall is stunning. Great treat!
Wish you a great weekend!

This is a spectacular view, Pietro. I feel that sunshine here.

That's a great photo!

Hello Pietro,
Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words. When enjoying your SKF picture I am feeling the crisp air and a cool breeze. Greetings from the Netherlands!

Louis la Vache
In answer to your question, Pietro - most (but not all) of the images "Louis" posts are shot from his balcony.
"Louis" et Mme la Vache have a fabulous view!

Maria P.
yes, I liked much of your musical choice.
So beautiful!

Oh, seems there are many storms over the piedmont that night! Storm over the mountains are terrific!
Your 'International'skywatch is so calming! Flags always give a wonderful effect! I've taken a picture with flags too during our holidays. I'll post it in a couple of days. Have a nice week. See you next Friday, maybe sooner. Thanks for your welcoming comment.

sonia a. mascaro
Wonderful picture, Pietro!

fantastic! the colours are perfect )))

Beautiful colors. The greens are so lush. Thank you for sharing!