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"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.


August 5, 2010

Summer relaxation

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Sylvia K
My dear friend, Pietro! Summer doesn't get any better than this! Having celebrated a birthday today I do find these photos so delightful and a great reminder of how beautiful summer is! Have a wonderful weekend!


amazing! here you only do that in beaches.

Hai colto l'essenza, che quasi sempre è donna:-) Ciao Pietro, belle foto, per i soggetti non esprimo giudizi, dovrei conoscerli ;-)Un cordiale saluto.
Finalmente domani ce ne andremo al mare:-)

Il modo migliore per celebrare le vacanze è rilassarsi e queste tue foto ne esprimono la vera essenza.

Un abbraccio Pietro e buona giornata!

Summer! It's raining back in my country.

the accent of grass, fence and tire with woman lay down..

beautiful indeed!

I don't understand. Where are they sunbathing? I love those purple flowers!

The weekend is almost here. Looking forward to it?

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Hi Pietro, your grass is greener than ours, or it is just seems to me! Interesting photos and the way of relaxation! I also like purple flowers and the pine tree against the lovely blue sky.

Cool captures! I mean hot captures. ;)

The Blonde Duck
I can't lay out--I burn!

Incredibile, Pietro, come con le tue immagini riesci a trasmettere le bellezze della natura. Grazie!
Buona serata :-)

Nice way to relax and sunbath. I loved those flowers.

Making the best of wonderful summer days.

Photo Cache
the weather must be warm enough for such activities. how's the weather this summer?

I feel relaxed just looking at your images. Great stuff, Pietro. Pure beauty.
Dear Pietro...I LOVE THE SECOND ONE...SIMPLY....great!!

lovely images of a beautiful summer!

sonia a. mascaro
Nice pictures, Pietro!
Love summer!
I can't lay down in the grass of my garden because I fear ants... there are many of them very hungry... Lol!

Have a lovely weekend of summer!

I love how everyone is enjoying the sun-- people, flowers, trees... ;-)

Your photo scenes are very familiar. Here, a lot of people like to sunbathe in Central Park.


In the summertime, when the weather is hot ....
you captured summertime beautifully! ;-)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: Wait a neat look at the sunbathers and the beautiful area of your world.

Clever captures--they really express what summer is supposed to be about.
Hope you're enjoying yours!

Louis la Vache
hee hee...

«Louis» thought for a moment that he had found a gallery of Vargas Pinup Girls rather than Pietro Brosio!


Si è vero i nostri politici animano un pò questa piatta estate però potrebbero animarla facendo delle cose più costruttive a mio avviso...

Un abbraccio Pietro e buon week-end!

and it's gloomy here in the UK (again!)

Louis la Vache
«Louis» has noticed on your Blogger profile page that you like the music of Bach and Mozart. «Louis» joins you in this. The Germans have a saying, often attributed (but perhaps apocryphally so) to Karl Barth:
"When God in heaven commands his angels to play music for him, they always play Bach. But when they play just for themselves, they play Mozart."

Buongiorno Pietro e buon inizio di questa nuova settimana che ci porterà direttamente a Ferragosto!!!

Un abbraccio!

so many sun worshipers! :)

che verde, straordinario! buone vacanze!

Hi Pietro!
it's a nice view:)
I think western people have nice figures. they have longer legs than we Japanese!

Hi Pietro!
it's a nice view:)
I think western people have nice figures. they have longer legs than we Japanese!

The Blonde Duck
What's your government failing for?

Plants and skin, all turning toward the sun.

It seems they are truly enjoying; we too... ;))
Pietro, you live in a beautiful part of the world!
Thank you for sharing these perfect Summer shots.

How gorgeous Pietro!

Gerald (SK14)
what wonderful summer views

Ciao Pietro,
Let me say, this post is my most loved one so far:) Super shots! Summer, sun, relaxation, people in their swimsuits and nature.

One question, if there is any pool nearby for them?