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Pietro Brosio Gallery

"The Universal Peace", 1976, oil on canvas 100x70cm.

SINCE 2008SINCE 2008

September 20, 2009


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How interesting how you made the clouds!
Such a lovely, happy picture for September.

Simpatiche le nuvole che sembrano solcare il cielo in volo.

Un saluto Pietro e buona domenica!

I love your improvisations.

A bright, florescent September.

Pretty... I like how the flowers how the flowers are hidden amongst the grasses... I want to lie in this field and ponder upon those interesting clouds!

that's creative..

wow. the clouds are like in bromine motion! did you use paint to do it? simply nice!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

sonia a. mascaro
Amazing painting, Pietro, with vibranting colors!

have a lovely Sunday!

our september doesn't have a lot of clouds but yours is greener. Here it is already more golden.


Buongiorno Pietro, un abbraccio e buon inizio di questa nuova settimana!
WOW! Pietro! another fabulous work of art. really beautiful. two of my favorite colors.

Ciao Pietro buon lunedi, primo giorno d'autunno, con pioggia sparsa:-)
Un dipinto con colori tenui, delicati.. se fossi un critico ti direi che esprime gentilezza d'animo, te lo dico lo stesso:-)

Lovely painting. I like the colors and the flowers, especially. I like the sky and the clouds. Okay. So I like everything in the painting. I like the painting. ;-)


That's just like our September here... happy!

bella la tu"improvisations"

la sfilata si è tenuta a pino torinese dove abito,
ciao e buon inizio settimana.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens
Still very accurate; fresh and intriguing.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy
Pietro: What a neat work of art you made. Those clouds just make me look in amazement at the time it had to take.

This is fantastic and beautiful creation. September is especial to me because its my birth month.
Truly awesome art.
Enjoy your day.

Beautiful! Is that a Pietro original at piece? HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

buongiorno Pietro,
oggi primo giorno d'autunno

Riesci sempre ad andare oltre...Pietro!
Buon inizio autunno :-)

Love it ! so colorful and bright !

An Autumn Wish, wish, wished.. if you could open up an exhibition in my town, Istanbul!
I'm curious if you exhibit your works Pietro?
Great composition as usual, many thanks. Second and last Spring of the year. Let's enjoy Autumn's greens&blues.

now that's one great digital art. clap clap clap!

You've titled it September but I see a wonderful March spring day of newly blooming flowers under a sky filled with slowly moving fluffy clouds. :)
Very cheery my friend!!

ciao Pietro, ho letto il tuo commento sull'amicizia, condivido la tua idea,molte volte ho creduto nell'amicizia ma sono sempre state grandi delusioni, per cui oggi sono io l'amica di me stessa
buona serata

Hi Pietro! Another week has passed without a chance to drop by. It seems time runs faster when you get to a certain age... ;)
Interesting composition! I like it!!

Blogtrotter is trying to have fun in the Turkish Riviera. Enjoy and have a marvellous week!

Oh, this is beautiful. I like this bright colors; it makes me feel comfortable while looking at this beautiful work.

Hi Pietro!
there might be the same clouds in the sky in fall in Italy as in japan.
we see clouds like your picture in the sky in fall:)

Buongiorno Pietro

Ciao caro Pietro,
Rec'ed your lovely note with thanks as always:) A few words to you, you're more than welcome. Let's make Istanbul your 2nd home, what you say:) Un saluto caloroso a Torino da parte mia. Buona serata~

Ken Wooi
was this drawn with paint? =)

To your comment on my idioms.
Cats never pose, they do what they want and never what you want ! I choose the idioms and then I look in my photos if I have one which fits, lol !

Unseen India Tours
Beautiful creation !! Loved this one..

LOVE the colors!